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You Can Teach Yourself Piano Chords para Piano

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You Can Teach Yourself Piano Chords combines regular music notation with visual illustrations to give a clear picture of how to voice basic piano chords. The first part of the book introduces the student to basic triads and dominant seventh chords in all the inversions. After mastering this concept, material such as Maj7th, min7th, diminished, augmented and suspended chords are introduced, followed by alternate bass note, addition of the 9th and common chord progressions. Regardless of skill level, the student will quickly be able to play an accompaniment by using only chord symbols. The appendix section will give the student a clear understanding in basic music theory. When using this bookas a lesson book it’s very helpful to refer to the appendix section while chords are being learned.The book can be used both for lessons and reference.
How to Use This Book
C Major/A minor
F Major/ D minor
Bb Major/G minor
Eb Major/C minor
Ab Major/F minor
Db Major/Bb minor
C# Major/A# minor
Gb Major/Eb minor
F# Major/Eb minor
B Major/G# minor
E Major/C# minor
A Major/F# minor
D Major/B minor
G Major/E minor
Exercise Progressions
Major Progression
Minor Progression
Major Triad Inversions
Minor Triad Inversions
Dominant 7th Chord Inversions

Major/Minor Progressions Using Inversions
C Major
C Minor
G Major
G Minor
Major Key Progression
Minor Key Progression
2-5-1 Progression
C Major
G Major
2-5-1 Progression

Open Voicings
1-6-2-5 Progression
C Major
1-6-2-5 Progression
More Open Voicings
Major 7th Chords
Minor 7th Chords
Diminished 7th Chords
Augmented/Suspended Chords
Augmented Progression
Suspended Progression
Alternate Bass Note
Alternate Bass Note Progressions
Adding the 9th

The Keyboard
The Grand Staff
Scale Degrees/Diatonic Chords
Lead Sheet and Chord Sheet
Rhythm Sheet/Notation
Work Sheets

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