Sheet music Trumpet and Piano (Organ)
Concerto para Trompeta y Piano

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  • Country of origin: United States
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Concerto consists of three dramatically contrasting movements. The opening movement, which is designed as a modified sonata form, is restless, dramatic and impetuous. The second movement is an elegiac ricercare; the opening mood is one of tender and rueful remembrance, but the music rises inexorably to an intense climax that gradually dissipates into somber introspection. Opening with a burst ofjoyous energy, the finale is filled with an exuberance that dispels both the restlessness of the first movement and the sorrow of the second. In the first and third movement, the trumpet soloist should use a metal straight mute so as to produce an incisive timbre. For the second movement, a warm, dark and slightly muffled sonority is desired for the muted sections. A chamois cloth may be used to cover the bell over the mute to obtain the desired effect. Either string quintet or string orchestramay be used to perform the Concerto. With a string orchestra, all double stops should be played divisi. The number of players for the string orchestra may range from 4,4,3,2,1 (minimum) to 8,8,6,6,3 (maximum).

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