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Sonatas Completas Vol.1B para Piano (Urtext) (Landon/Jonas)

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  • Reference: P5059
  • Author: HAYDN
  • Publisher: Wiener Urtext
  • Difficulty:
  • Languages: Aleman, Ingles
  • Country of origin: Austria
  • Diffusion: Internacional
  • ISBN: 9783850550260
  • ISMN: 9790500570264
  • Format: 21 X 30 Cm.


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Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol 1 b
Preface with notes on interpretation
Editor: Christa Landon
Fingering: Oswald Jonas

Sonata No. 19 E minor Hob. XVI:47 Difficulty 3
Sonata No. 20 B flat major Hob. XVI:18 Difficulty 3-4
Sonata No. 21 D minor Hob. XVI:2a Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 22 A major Hob. XVI:2b Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 23 B major Hob. XVI:2c Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 24 B flat major Hob. XVI:2d Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 25 E minor Hob. XVI:2e Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 26 C major Hob. XVI:2g Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 27 A major Hob. XVI:2h Difficulty 0
Sonata No. 28 D major Hob. XVI:5a Difficulty 3
Sonata No. 29 E flat major Hob. XVI:45 Difficulty 3
Sonata No. 30 D major Hob. XVI:19 Difficulty 3
Sonata No. 31 A flat major Hob. XVI:46 Difficulty 4
Sonata No. 32 G minor Hob. XVI:44 Difficulty 3-4
Sonata No. 33 C minor Hob. XVI:20 Difficulty 3-4
Sonata No. 34 D major Hob. XVI:33 Difficulty 3
Sonata No. 35 A flat major Hob. XVI:43 Difficulty 3

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