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Piezas de Fantasia Op.12 para Piano (Inc.CD) (Hinson)

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  • Author: SCHUMANN
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  • Format: 21 X 30 Cm.


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Eight contrasing pieces with descriptive titles comprise the "Fantasy Pieces", Op. 12. Although theeight pieces form a homogeneous whole, each can be played individually without loss of effect. Theyare challenging works with strong, unusual rhythms, and melodic charm. This edition discusses the history of the collection and provides performance suggestions for each piece. Included is an outstanding CD recording from the Naxos label.

Aufschwung [Op. 12, No. 2] Robert Schumann (composer)
Des Abends [Op. 12, No. 1] Robert Schumann (composer)
Ende Vom Lied [Op. 12, No. 8] Robert Schumann (composer)
Fabel [Op. 12, No. 6] Robert Schumann (composer)
Grillen [Op. 12, No. 4] Robert Schumann (composer)
In der Nacht [Op. 12, No. 5] Robert Schumann (composer)
Traumes Wirren [Op. 12, No. 7] Robert Schumann (composer)
Warum? [Op. 12, No. 3] Robert Schumann (composer)

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