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A Classical Approach To Jazz Piano: Improvisation para Piano

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  • Author: ALLDIS Dominic
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Written by Dominic Alldis, Jazz Piano Tutor at the Royal Academy of Music, this is an invaluable tutor for those wishing to incorporate their previous classical training into learning the Jazz idiom. Divided into two parts, part one begins with improvisation using pantatonic scales, this encourages an exploration of the keyboard using a rudimentary melodic and harmonic framework. Part two begins with an introduction to bebop by applying the melodic syntax found in a Bach prelude toaharmonic progression of a jazz standard.
Features explanations and examples of:

* Pentatonic Improvisation
* The Blues
* Rock Piano
* Rhythmic Displacement
* Scale Theory
* Major Scale Theory Applied
* Melodic Syntax
* The Language of Bebop
* Minor Scale Theory Applied
* Pentatonic Scale Theory Applied
* Left-Hand Accompaniment
* Walking Bass Lines
* Thematic Development
* Performance Tips.
This book represents theculmination of hundreds of hours spent teaching jazz piano, and should be an enjoyable course of study for anyone who loves jazz piano and who wants to make steps towards understanding the vast arrayof possibilities open to the improvising pianist.

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