Musical literature
The Courtesan Arts

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Readership: Students and scholars of music, art, and women´s studies.
Introduction , Bonnie Gordon and Martha Feldman
PART ONE: Spectacle and Performance
1. Making a Spectacle of Her(self): The Greek Courtesan and the Art of the Present , James Davidson
2. Cutting a Good Figure: The Fashions of Venetian Courtesans in the Illustrated Albums of Early Modern Travelers , Margaret F. Rosenthal
3. "Notes of Flesh" and the Courtesan´s Song in Seventeenth-Century China , Judith T. Zeitlin
PART TWO: A Case Study: The Courtesan´s Voice in Early Modern Italy
Introduction , Martha Feldman
4. The Courtesan´s Voice: Petrarchan Lovers, Pop Philosophy, and Oral Traditions , Martha Feldman
5. On Hearing the Courtesan in a Gift of Song: The Venetian Case of Gaspara Stampa , Dawn De Rycke
6. On Locating the Courtesan in Italian Lyric: Distance and the Madrigal Texts of Costanzo Festa , Justin Flosi
7. On Music Fit for a Courtesan: Representations of the Courtesan and Her Music in Sixteenth-Century Italy , Drew Edward Davies
PART THREE: Power, Gender, and the Body
8. Royalty´s Courtesans and Gods´ Mortal Wives: Keepers of Culture in Precolonial India , Doris M. Srinivasan
9. The Courtesan´s Singing Body as Cultural Capital in Seventeenth-Century Italy , Bonnie Gordon
10. Defaming the Courtesan: Satire and Invective in Sixteenth-Century Italy , Courtney Quaintance
11. The Masculine Arts of the Ancient Greek Courtesan: Male Fantasy or Female Self-representation? , Christopher A. Faraone
PART FOUR: Excursus: Geisha Dialogues
12. The City Geisha and Their Role in Modern Japan: Anomaly or Artiste? , Lesley Downer
13. In the Service of theNation: Geisha and Kawabata Yasunari´s Snow Country , Miho Matsugu
PART FIVE: Fantasies of the Courtesan
14. Going to the Courtesans: Transit to the Pleasure District of Edo Japan , Timon Screech
15. Who´s Afraid of Giulia Napolitana? Pleasure, Fear, and Imagining the Arts of the Renaissance Courtesan , Guido Ruggiero
PART SIX: Courtesans in the Postcolony
16. The Twentieth-Century "Disappearance" of the Gisaeng during the Rise of Korea´s Modern Sex-and-Entertainment Industry , Joshua D. Pilzer
17. Female Agency and Patrilineal Constraints: Situating Courtesans in Twentieth-Century India , Regula Burckhardt Qureshi
18. Tawa´if, Tourism, and Tales: The Problematics of Twenty-First-Century Musical Patronage for North India´s Courtesans , Amelia Maciszewski
Appendix: CD Notes and Texts
Selected Bibliography

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