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Modern Chords: Advanced Harmony para Guitarra (Inc.CD)

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  • Author: JURIS V.
  • Publisher: Mel Bay
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  • Languages: Ingles
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Diffusion: Internacional
  • Pages: 48
  • Format: 23 X 30 Cm.


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One of the world’s great jazz guitarists, Vic Juris shares his insight into the wonderful world of harmony in this book. Not for the fainthearted, Vic teaches polychords and intervallic structures derived from the major, minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor and harmonic major scales in this must have jazz guitar book. Each section has etudes that will help students integrate each concept into their own playing. The companion CD gives students the opportunity to hear and play along with these cutting edge concepts.

Chapter one: harmonic syllabus

Chapter two: triads & stock seventh chords
Root position
First inversion
Second inversion
More root position
Triad applications: voice leading
Spread triads
Compound triads
The big five / stock seventh chords

Chapter three: intervallic structures / modal chords
Structure 1
Structure 2
Structure 3
Structure 4
Structure 5
Structure 6
Structure 7
Creating three-note structures

Chapter four: pedal point comping

Chapter five: chords containing open strings
A chords
E chords
Other chords
Comping and soloing tips

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