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Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Clifford Brown, Eb Edition (Inc.CD)

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  • Author: BROWN C.
  • Publisher: Mel Bay
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  • Languages: Ingles
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Diffusion: Internacional
  • Pages: 48
  • Format: 23 X 30 Cm.


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Clifford Brown was one of the most influential jazz trumpeters and was a true master of jazz. His fantastic tone, time, feel and command of the jazz language have been inspiring jazz musicians on allinstruments for decades. This book breaks down many of the one and two-bar phrases played by Clifford and helps students apply them to their own playing. Lines played over minor, dominant, and major chords as well as short, long and minor ii-V material can be mastered by practicing with the accompanying play-along CD. Chapters on Guide Tones, Bebop Scales, Targeting, and Playing the Upper-Structure will help students analyze and memorize the lines presented in the book. There is also a chapter with further insight in Clifford’s style which discusses his phrasing as well as other musical devices he used to get his sound. A must have for aspiring students wanting the master the jazz language.
About the Authors
Augmented Dominant
Bebop Scales
Clifford Brown and Charlie Parker
Clifford Brown´s Style
Developing Vocabulary
Dominant Chord Material
G 12-Bar Blues
Guide Tones
Long ii-V-I
Major Chord Material
Minor Chord Material
Minor ii-V Material
Minor ii-V-i
One Measure ii-V (Short) Material
Playing the Upper-Structure of Chords
Progression Similar to Confirmation
Progression Similar to Pent Up House
Progression Similar to Solar
Selected Discography
Short ii-V-I
Two Measure ii-V (Long) Material

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