Harmonica Lee Oskar 1910N Natural Minor Green Label Bm

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  • Reference: INST1203014
  • Brand: Lee Oskar
  • Tuning: Si


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Natural Minor
Natural Minor harps have a very bluesy, soulful sound that´s perfect for playing MINOR Blues, Rock, Country, Reggae, Pop & Jazz.
This fabulous tuning is set up to play MINOR MUSIC easily, without straining the lips, the lungs or the mind! All of the notes and chords that were missing on the MajorDiatonic, for playing minor blues, are right there on the Natural Minor.
Natural Minors are designed to be played in 2nd Position (cross harp), not 1st Position (straight harp).
In 2nd Position, many of the draw notes can be bent and this allows for a much more expressive, fluid style of playing.2nd Position is a very popular style used by most players for today´s music.
Model: 1910N - Green Label

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